A Taste of What’s to Come!

Posted 12/14/2009 by Emmy Jane
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Hanson’s EP “Stand Up Stand Up” is now available on iTunes, and it’s the perfect taste of whats to come on their new album out next May!

The single, “World’s on Fire” is a great example of Hanson’s talent in writing pop music. Too many times “pop” has a negative connotation, especially with “Mmmbop” as the root of Hanson’s success. But Hanson writes strong rock/pop music that inspire, and above all speak to relevant issues in society.

listen here:


The Countdown Is On!

Posted 12/07/2009 by Emmy Jane
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Unfortunately the video is not available to insert directly into the post, but the link below will lead you to it. Check it out! I can’t wait!!

Check out the first look HERE.

The Weary Kind, The Oscar Kind.

Posted 12/05/2009 by Emmy Jane
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I’ve seen the trailer for Crazy Heart a few times now, and tonight after seeing its theatrical trailer before Everybody’s Fine, I really noticed how gorgeous the theme song is. It reminds me of two of my favorites soundtracks: Eddie Vedder’s original songs from Into The Wild mixed with Gustavo Santaolalla’s score from Brokeback Mountain.

The song is called “The Weary Kind” by Ryan Bingham, and its not only a stand-alone song and a perfect trailer song, but a well written theme song. It’s rare for films to have theme songs these days. They might have themes within the underscore, but this song was written specifically for this film, and it clearly markets the emotion of the film with its instrumentation and lyrics.

Word around town is that it could be an Oscar winner.

You can hear the track on the trailer below, and its also available on iTunes.

Reminder Album: Santigold

Posted 11/30/2009 by Emmy Jane
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This is what I call a “reminder” album.┬áReminding readers of my favorite albums from recent years for those of you who may have forgotten and need a reminder, and for those of you who missed the boat. Well, the boat’s back around, and you should jump on it.

Released in April 2008, Santigold’s self titled album is a complete album from start to finish. It’s one of those albums you never skip to the next song. Some of my favorite tracks include “You’ll Find A Way”, “Lights Out” and “Unstoppable”.

Sounds like: Love child of M.I.A., The Strokes, and No Doubt. Sounds crazy, I know…but you’ll hear it all in there.

Young Victoria Trailer Music…Ah-mazing.

Posted 11/28/2009 by Emmy Jane
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I was looking at upcoming movies and stumbled upon the trailer for The Young Victoria starring the very talented Emily Blunt. It doesn’t open until mid December, but I am happy with the trailer for now! Ah-mazingly enough the trailer had TWO of my favorite scores as underscore. There are three pieces total: I believe the first is a piece composed for this trailer specifically, the second is a piece titled Here Comes the King, again by X-Ray Dog (previous post), and the final piece is PM’s Love Theme from the film Love Actually, composed by Craig Armstrong! Quite the epic selection for this epic period piece. I’ll be honest, I will be making the trip to see it in theaters.

Take a look at the trailer!

The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus Trailer!

Posted 11/27/2009 by Emmy Jane
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The trailer is here, and it looks gorgeous! The score of the trailer is titled “The Odyssey” by X-Ray Dog of Burbank, CA–a company that scores for films and film trailers. By the sound and look of it, this movie is one to look forward to!

It comes to theaters on December 25, 2009!

Sia covers “Under the Milky Way” for Lincoln

Posted 11/27/2009 by Emmy Jane
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Just came across this commercial in the theaters, and I absolutely love Sia’s cover of the Australian band, The Church’s song “Under the Milkyway”. The song came out the year I was born, and was recorded by Sia specifically for the Lincoln commercial. Both the recording and the commercial came out great. Check it out:

there is also a free download of the song as well!

Lincoln has been releasing several successful commercials with great covers of classic songs. The commercial released earlier this year featured Shiny Toy Gun’s cover of David Bowie’s song “Major Tom”. Another one to check out: